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the word alive // 7/2/14

'Grabbing a drink with theblackhorn and lukehollandd before the altpress award show tonight! Should be fuuuuuunnnn' - Zack Hansen


Someone please teach me how to play guitar? 😍

The Word Alive Playing Rock The Boat Music Festival


The Word Alive have announced they’ll be headlining the Rock The Boat Music Festival. The show will happen on September 13th and will feature appearances from iwrestledabearonce, Get Scared and more. Head below to find out more.

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Zack Hansen of The Word Alive | 07/19/2014 Warped Tour

Photos by me.


Telle Smith of The Word Alive

Vans Warped Tour 2014

Mansfield, MA


Telle Smith from The Word Alive
Chicago Warped Tour // 7.19.14


Luke Holland in Lighthouse Behind The Scenes


Telle Smith Of The Word Alive


Telle Smith of The Word Alive at the Mansfield, MA date of Warped Tour - July 10th 2014 // shot by me, Shannah Tighe: ( for :)